The Creakers – Alannah

The Creakers

I think The Creakers is a brilliant book!  It’s all about a girl called Lucy discovering a mysterious secret about what happens underneath her BED. All children will love it, its so hilarious! It gives you a message that not all creatures stay under the bed! I really love the book and I’m sure you will love it too! I adore the pictures.  They were very detailed and they helped me imagine what the Creakers looked like. Tom Fletcher wrote this book  and I think it’s amazing!  Whenever I started reading it I could never stop, until I became so tired I fell asleep… and lost my page! It’s an extraordinary read!  I would definitely  recommend it and I never wanted it to end.  I was so  disappointed when I realised I’d finished because I couldn’t out it down!   I loved the ending because I discovered what happened to Lucy and all her creaky friends.

By Alannah

The Children Of Castle Rock…. Harriet

The CHILDREN OF CASTLE ROCK is part of the Fantastic Book Awards.  It is about three children called Alice, Jesse and Fergus. Alice was sent to a boarding school after her mother died and that’s where she met her friends (Jesse and Fergus). They go on lots of adventures together and even run into a CRIMINAL! Alice’s dad draws them into a lot of trouble by sending her a tiny statue. It all begins at an orienteering challenge where they were left alone with no adult…

I recommend reading the book as it is a cracking story and you won’t want it to end!

Harriet Venus

Luigi’s Mansion: the novel

I love this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The action is great! So, Luigi has the Poltergust 5000. That is a device for sucking up ghosts. He needs to dark light Mario out of a painting. The dark light is a device for revealing things and making things in paintings come to life. E.Gadd his friend, helps him with his mission. Luigi even has a Nintendo DS for talking to E.Gadd!  He adventures through the gloomy manor, the haunted towers, (you can go inside a tree), the old clockworks, the secret mine and the tetros mansion. Then he kills King Boo and Bowser. The book is by Puffin (Nintendo’s book creator).

Sebastian Venus

The Matilda Effect Daniel


The Matilda Effect is part of the FBA book awards and is about an old granny and a little inventor called Matilda. They have to fight for justice and prove the Nobel prize belongs to them. Matilda had her first feeling of injustice, when she didn’t win her school science competition, because she was a girl. I know-crazy! They didn’t think she could invent the handy-handy-hand because it involved welding and hammering. The judges thought she couldn’t do it because she was a girl. Matilda and her Grandma end up travelling to Sweden with no passports or money! They sneak onto a boat, get trapped in a hot air balloon with a French film star, who isn’t actually French! And they get a dog, make friends with a wanted criminal and accidentally smuggle her diamonds out of the country! It’s AWESOME!!

Daniel Venus


I thought the book Macbeth, would be about a boy who went on a boat, out to sea, and would not be that interesting. Then when I heard the first line of it I knew it would be amazing!!! This book is about a man, Macbeth, and his wife, Lady Macbeth and they want to kill the King…Duncan, so they can rule Scotland, and become king and queen! During that time, lots of people were killed

I like this book because it is really funny and full of death! The original play was written by Shakespeare!



Macbeth is a play written by Shakespeare, that has been written as story. When we started reading, I thought it would not be the best of books, but once we started it became more and more interesting. Macbeth was the main character and so was his wife Lady Macbeth. There were so many characters who all had different personality’s, some were funny, some were kind and some were evil. There were a lot of battles which made it more interesting to read. I recommend you read the book, it was AMAZING!


Macbeth Aiden

I really enjoyed Macbeth it was brilliant! There were so many battles and it had deaths every second! My favourite part was when Macbeth was decapitated by Macduff. The story was  gruesome!!! The British army attacked Macbeth’s kingdom in Scotland but  Macbeth  killed most of them, apart from one, Macduff! At the beginning, the witches said that Macbeth would become Thane of Fife. Macbeth and Macduff ended up battling for Britain.  You’ll need to read it to find out more.


Macbeth Alannah

I think Macbeth was amazing and full of adventures! Its such an interesting book because you never knew what was going to happen. I loved the part when the three sisters showed Macbeth his future. The three sisters they were really creepy and strange. I think Macbeth was very evil as he killed nearly everyone in the story, until he died. I thought it was really funny when Macbeth was having daydreams about Macduff sitting in Macbeth’s chair and Lady Macbeth was shouting at him for scaring the visitors. Macbeth is now my favourite book, I simply just love it.


Macbeth… Harriet

Macbeth is a famous play written by William Shakespeare.  We read a story version of the play.  The book was very adventurous: full of fights, murders and victory’s. There were a lot of battles which made you think everyone would die! I found it interesting, but very unusual, because there were three very creepy sisters who could tell the future through a magic ball… They predicted Macbeth would be a murderer and Macduff, (his best friend at the time) would betray him and try to take the throne from him! It is AMAZING and hilarious!! I would recommend reading the story version of Macbeth!  


Macbeth Lilia

I think it was really adventurous and exciting. When they had a war, between Macduff and Macbeth, you did not know what was going to happen.  I think the sisters were creepy when they told  Macbeth he was going to be king in the future. It made me question who was going to be killed next.  It also made me think about who were the good characters and who were bad. Lady Macbeth was one of the evil characters because she told Macbeth to kill the king. It is a really good book and you should definitely read it!